C60 Facts to Know

Top 5 C60 Facts You Should Know About

Carbon-60 is a tiny molecule that consists of 60 atoms which are arranged in a shape that is similar to a hollow soccer-ball. It is unique compared to other nanocarbon structures and according to scientific research; it is capable of increasing the lifespan of rats. It was discovered in 1985 by four scientists and named after American architect and inventor, Buckminster Fuller. Fuller popularized structures with shapes similar to C60. In addition to that, there are 5 facts you should know about C60 which will be discussed below.

  1. Useful in Multiple Industries

While C60 is popularly known for its contributions towards health and wellness, C60 is very diverse and flexible and can be used in multiple industries for practical application. The large amount of surface area of the C60 molecule allows it to withstand high pressure and temperatures. This allows it to act as a superconductor and act as both a wave and a particle. These properties make them an interesting material source that make it viable for multiple and extensive research fields of Physics. C60’s spherical and hollow structure allows it to trap other atoms inside it. The size of C60 gives it mobility which enables its molecules to attach themselves to mutated molecules by sharing an electron.

  1. Pure Purple

C60 molecules do not just possess one color but rather, individual C60 molecules transmit either red or blue light in no particular pattern. You can be able to tell whether a preparation of C60 is pure when it transmits a purple color. This is important to note for those who prepare their own C60 olive oil or C60 plus-oil mixture for purposes of consumption.

  1. Power Scavenger

C60 is the only molecule in existence with the capacity to share one or two electrons 20 times. This is the reason why C60 can negate reactive oxygen species with ease thereby mending damaged molecules. This process of sharing electrons makes C60 a powerful scavenger for free radicals and oxidants. This enables it to protect the body from cell damage.

  1. Stunning Biomedical Potential

Being a powerful scavenger for free radicals, C60 possesses the potential for biomedical breakthrough. Scientists are in the process of studying C60 as a viable treatment for multiple health conditions. These treatments include allergic reactions due to its anti-inflammatory properties, degeneration in Multiple Sclerosis and the spread of HIV.

  1. Mental Benefits

The size of C60 being 1 nanometer allows it to pass right through the blood-brain barrier. This enables it to act more effectively at a closer space to the center for protein production and the endoplasmic reticulum. Carbon 60 molecule being an antioxidant, has the ability to attach to, mop up and neutralize oxidants and free radicals that are harming the brain. Once they deal with these free radicals, the brain functions normally. According to first-hand accounts and testimonials, there is a noticeable improvement in those using C60 in their mental faculties and attitude.

So many benefits are associated with the incredibly amazing properties of C60. There is so much that you can find out through extensive research. Research is still being carried out to determine how extensive these benefits are.